Rental boats


Rowing boats and motorboats

A rowing boat is included in the rent of all Kotteria cottages at no additional cost. A small engine (max. 5 Hp) can be attached to the boats. If you wish, you can bring your own engine. It is also possible to rent our 2 Hp engine. Please ask for availability.

After use, always tie the rowing boat properly. On the Skitunäs seaside villa always pull the rowing boat out of the water, to the high end of the boat “rack” and attach the boat to a tree with a rope. At Skitunäsin seaside villa the sea level varies up to 2 meters and the rising waters can break the rowing boat if the boat is left too low.

At all our cottages there is an opportunity to rent a motor boat. Sea areas are rocky, so sometimes the boats are being repaired. For this reason, we can not always guarantee the availability of the boats. Keep the motorboats always attached into a buoy. NEVER leave your boat at Skitunäs seaside villa attached to the dock or on the beach; unexpected winds and waves can break the boat!

Minimum rent for a Motor Boat is € 180. If you book more than one day, the rental price is 110-150 euros / day depending on the boat.

BOATMOTORMinimum priceCharge per dayLiability
FasterTohatsu 50 Hp180 €150 €/vrk600 €
TaifunYamaha 20 Hp180 €110 €/vrk600 €
Rowing boatHonda 2 Hp100 €40 €/vrk400 €

Motorboat rental terms

Motorboats are delivered on a trailer unless otherwise agreed upon reservation. The tenant is responsible for getting the boat safely in the water and for getting the boat safely from the water with the trailer after the rental period, unless otherwise agreed upon reservation. If needed, we can take the boat from the water or to the water for the quest. In Skitunäs the service is 90 € / operation. In Struka and in Kivikoski rental villa the service is 60 € / operation

If for some reason the motorboat is not available in the beginning of the agreed boat-rental period, the tenant is entitled to a compensation for the days when the boat is not available. The compensation can never exceed the amount of paid rent/day.

The tenant should always check the boat upon arrival at the cottage and inform the landlord immediately if any damages are noticed either in the boat or in the engine of the boat. Similarly the tenant should inform the landlord of all accidents and damages occurred to the boat during the rental period. If the tenant neglects the responsibility of notifying the landlord about the damages, the liabilities might increase.

The tenant is responsible for all damages occurred to the boat during the rental period. This includes the damages occurred during the night too if the tenant has left the boat in other than the designated positions. The tenant liability in other than consequential damages is 600 euros.

Fuel is not included in the rental price

The tenant needs to purchase the fuel for the motorboats. The boat uses 98-octane gasoline only, do not use 95-octane gasolines! The cottage has empty Jerrycans for the fuel. From Pyhtää ABC-petrol station you can buy gasoline and during opening hours there is also the special gas-oil mixture for boats available.Fuel that might be found in storage jerrycans at the villas is available for tenants use. If there is fuel, it is leftovers from other tenants. [spacer height=”20px” id=”3″] Always ensure that there is fresh 2-stroke lubrication oil in the boat oiltank. Faster 440 Tohatsu 50 TLDI engine requires its own special oil (2-T direct injection oil), which can usually be found in the boat storage boxes under the benches.

Life-jackets and other information

  • There are a few adult and children’s life-jackets in the warehouse. At Kivikoski cottage the life-jackets are located in the small hut by the river.
  • If you want to use boats in early spring or in late autumn, please ask for boats at the time of booking so that we can ensure the boat availability
  • If you bring your own boat to the cottages, primarily keep the rental boat in the buoy.
  • Skitunäs villa has a buoy. Struka and Kivikoski cottage have no buoys.