Spaces for bands

Kitaristeille ja muille muusikoille soittotilaa Vantaalla ja Espoossa tarkolla


Rental spaces for musicians and bands

Hakkila rental area is a large industrial plot in Vantaa at Hakintie 14, 01380 Vantaa. Tikkurila center and train station is about 2 kilometers from Hakkila. Good connections from Mellunmäki and from Tikkurila by bus.

At Hakkila we offer wide range of studios and band rehearsal rooms for individual musicians and also for bigger bands. The facilities are suitable for music enthusiasts, hobbyists and artisans and also other entrepreneurs are of course welcome.

Office spaces, containers and barracks are suitable for practicing and also for making good music professionally. Facilities are suitable for one or more musicians. Rooms are usually 20-40 m2. Larger 40 square meter spaces can be created with connecting doors or fully open.

Facilities available 24/7

Hakkila rehearsal spaces are available 7 days a week, around the clock. You can play and train when it’s convenient for you. All spaces have its own entrance from the outside and the spaces are positioned in such a way that the other musician`s music does not disturb the playing.

All rental spaces have electricity. All spaces have separate electricity meters and the electricity will be invoiced by use. Electricity price is Vantaa Energy’s general tariff including taxes and transfer prices + 25% billing increase.

Water, toilets and a sauna is available in the area. More information from customer service.