Rental warehouse in Espoo

Espoon juvanmalmilla kontteja ja parakkeja vuokrattavana


Rental warehouses and strorages in Espoo

We rent work spaces, storages and warehouses in the Juvanmalmi industrial area for private use, for construction companies and for example for carpenters. The address is Pieni Teollisuuskatu 1c, 02920 Espoo. We also rent yard according to the customer’s needs, 5m2 – 1.500 m2 at a time.

In Espoo, Juvanmalmi we have containers and office barracks for warehouses and for recreational spaces for bands, artisans, construction companies and carpenters. The facilities are well suited for small businesses and for individuals for many purposes. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Suomen Kotteria Oy, Pieni Teollisuuskatu 1c, Espoo, +358415345100