Struka Canal and Struka river-lock is located at Pyhtää, by the Stråkaforsrapids. In the canal there is one hand-operated gate, through which there is a boat route from Baltic Sea to the Pyhtää church. Struka river-lock is the only manually operated river lock leading to the sea. The length of the lock is 25 meters, width is 8 meters and a height of fall is 2 meters.The river depth along the route is minimum 1,2 meters.[Spacer height = “20px” id = “3”] Struka canal lock and the associated dam was completed in 1903. The canal and the water route was built between 1902-1905 and it was originally intended to serve the Stockfors groundwood mill transportations from the Kymi River mouth to the Spjutsundi (Keihässalmi) loading site. Today the canal and the river-lock is available for everybody to use. Instructions at site in Finnish. Below instructions in English


When coming from the sea to the river you can empty the gate, if needed, with following procedure. When you go to the direction of the sea, do contrary. Please take care to give enough rope to the boat:

  • Open water outlet ports of the seaside gate (1,2 and 3)
  • When water level is down at the level of seaside, turn the seaside gate open (4)
  • Drive boat in and connect rope to pollars (5)
  • Close seaside gate
  • Close water outlets ports of seaside gate (1,2 and 3)
  • Open water outlet ports of upperside gate (6,7 and 8)
  • Keep boat connection ropes tight
  • When water is at upper side level, open the upper gate (9)
  • Drive out