Cleaning and bed linen

Villa cleaning is not included in the rental prices. You can choose to clean yourself or to order final cleaning from us. Also bed linen and towels for rent.

Cleaning and bed linen are additional services

Cleaning is not included in the villa rental prices. All tenants must take care of the final cleaning during and after the stay unless otherwise agreed. Detailed instructions about cleaning below.

Bed linen and towels

You can book a bed linen and towels from us. It is recommended to order bed linen in advance at time of booking, but usually you can also call and order the towels and linen for your use during your holiday too. At Struka and at Skitunäs villa bed linen can be found in the bedroom cupboards. At cottage Kivikoski bed linen are in the kitchen closet. Price is 20 euros per set. If you want the beds to be ready made for you this must be agreed at time of booking. Making the beds costs 25 euros per person including the bed linen price.

Cleaning services

If you wish to purchase cleaning service from us, you can do so upon booking. There are two different cleaning package options available, depending on the amount of work to be done; Basic cleaning service and Full cleaning service.

  • BASIC CLEANING is 120-160 euros depending on the cottage. Basic cleaning includes vacuuming and wiping the floors, wiping the tables, taking out the rugs and making the beds. The basic cleaning also includes wiping the kitchen table, carrying the firewood in and taking out the ashes from the fireplace and from the sauna oven.
  • FULL CLEANING  at Skitunäs villa, at Villa Kaunisvirta and at Struka villa is 220 euros and at Kivikoski and at Rantakari cottage full cleaning is 160 euros. In addition to the basic cleaning, full cleaning includes full kitchen cleaning.

Instructions for all tenants. Also for the customers who ordered final cleaning

  • Take garbage to the garbage bin. The nearest recycling point for paper, clothes, metall and for the glass can be found in Pyhtää ABC’s parking area at the rear corner of the service station.
  • Wash the outdoor grill and the barbecue areas. Empty the ashes of the campfire sites to an ash bucket
  • Tidy the yard and take the goods taken from warehouse to their places
  • Pull the boats on the shore especially in Skitunäs seaside cottage and check the boat mooring (in the summertime).
  • Turn off the lights, close the windows, lock the doors and leave the keys in their original locations.
  • Turn the temperature switch in the hallway to absence (poissa/not home) position.

Cleaning Instructions for customers who want to clean up themselves


  • Wipe tables
  • Wash the oven and the oven trays and microwave
  • Empty the dishwasher and place the dishes in place
  • Close taps for washing machines

Bathroom, toilet and sauna

  • Wipe the floors with a damp cloth and wash basins and the mirror cabinet
  • Wash the shower walls
  • Empty ashes from the sauna stove and carry firewood to sauna
  • Close the sauna stove damper

Living area and bedrooms

  • Lightly dust carpets and bedding and make the beds
  • Vacuum floors, armchairs and sofa
  • Wipe the floors with a damp cloth
  • Put the furniture in place
  • Empty ashes from the fireplace and carry firewood in front of the fireplace

If the cleaning has not been carried out carefully according to instructions and if we have to clean up before the arrival of the next customer, Kotteria Oy / Savantum Oy has the right to charge minimum EUR 75 cleaning fee. Hourly rate of cleaning that is not ordered from us in advance is 55 euros / hour.

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