Kivikoski sauna instructions

Kivikoski cottage riverside sauna is a beautiful glass-frame sauna. Big sauna for 10 people for all-year around use.


A panoramic sauna on the riverbank at 45 euros per day

At Kivikoski cottage in Pyhtää Kymenlaakso there is an electrically heated panoramic sauna that is bought from the Big Brother house. The sauna can be rented at 45 euros per day. The sauna is suitable for 8-10 people and it can be used all year round. If the outside temperature is less than -15 degrees, the sauna does not necessarily function. This sauna is best in autumn, summer and spring.

It will take about 1,5-2 hours to heat the sauna to +50…+60 degrees Celsius. This is a good temperature for using this sauna. Many other saunas require more temperature, but this sauna has big glass windows that prevent the air from heating very hot. Keep the sauna air warm and moisture by adding enough water to the stove stones.

Instructions to switch on the sauna

  • First switch on the power to the control panel outside the sauna. Once you have switched the control panel power on, the stove is ready to be turned on. At this stage the Harvia screen displays “OFF”.
  • In order to turn on the sauna stove, turn the sauna time switch clockwise. When you turn the switch clockwise, the current temperature of the sauna is display on the Harvia screen. Sauna is now switched on.
  • If necessary, you can add heating time to the sauna by turning the time switch again clockwise
  • If the Harvia display shows code “SAF” instead of current temperature or “OFF”, the stove is in Error-mode. In this case you need to switch off the control panel main switch and switch on the sauna again
  • If the Harvia display shows code “ERR”, the weather is usually too clod for the sauna to be turned on. In this case wait for a few minutes and try again.

Please note

  • There is no running water at the sauna. Please carry clean hot water to the sauna from the main cottage. Never use the river water on the stove, the impurities in the water will smell bad on the hot stones.
  • You can use this sauna maximum 6 hours at a time. After this the stove will need at least 12 hours to start heating up again.
  • If you bring candles to the sauna, please place them on a non-flammable surface on the floor of the sauna.
  • Wash the sauna benches and the floor after each use.
  • Do not leave water in the buckets, plastic buckets will freeze and break in wintertime.

Kivikoski cottage, Savantum Oy. Strukantie 30, 49270 Pyhtää