Suomen Kotteria rentals

Suomen Kotteria Oy, cottages in Kymenlaakso and warehouses in Helsinki-region


Suomen Kotteria rental facilities

Suomen Kotteria is a small family-owned company, whose main business is renting spaces in Southern Finland for different needs. We have rental cottages and villas in Pyhtää and in Kotka, warehouses and work spaces for business and for pleasure in Vantaa and in Espoo and apartments in Helsinki.

Cottages and villas for rent in Pyhtää, 1 h from Helsinki

We rent high-quality villas and cottages in Kymenlaakso Pyhtää and in Kotka, only about an hour’s drive from Helsinki. Rental cottages are well equipped holiday destination designed for recreational purposes for families, for group of friends and for small business meetings. The villas are equipped with all amenities and they are suitable for year-round holidays. Accommodation available for 5-12 people, depending on the cottage. Struka and Kivikoski cottages are located about 50 meters from each other and they can be booked together. In this case, the cottages can accommodate up to 20 people. Skitunäs and Struka also have a billiards table. At Kivikoski and at Struka there is also a Hot outdoor tub for rent.

Warehouses, working spaces, offices and studios for rent in Vantaa

In Vantaa Hakkila and in Espoo Juvanmalmi industrial park we offer storage facilities for construction companies and for re-sellers and recreational spaces and studios for bands and for craftsmen. Office spaces, containers and barracks are well suited for small businesses and individuals for many purposes. What would you like to do in our industrial premises?

Suomen Kotteria Oy. Office address: villanella 5, 00890 Helsinki.