Cottages and villas

Vuokramökiltä aukeaa upeat näkymät merelle


Holiday in Southern Finland at a cottage or villa

If you are interested in experiencing the pure Finland, you have to get out of the city. That is why we Finns head to the countryside to the cottages to spend out winter and summer holidays. In the summer the cottages and villas are an oasis of relaxation, including sauna, swimming and rowing boats. The winter brings its own activities such as skiing, skating, ice-swimming, and of course hot outdoor tub– all in the beautiful background of a blanket of snow and ice.

Villa Kaunisvirta, julkisivu

Kaunisvirta riverside cottage for 12. A beautiful grey logwoog cottage next to Struka villa and Kivikoski cottage. A hot tub and a barbecue hut with open fireplace available.

Skitunäsin merenrantamökki Pyhtäällä 10-12 henkilölle. Vuokrakäyttöön ympäri vuoden

Skitunäs seaside villa in Pyhtää for 12. The cottage has a pool table, fireplace and a wood-heated sauna. In the yard is a campfire place and a barbecue hut. A large beachfront sauna.

Strukan vuokramökki Pyhtäällä noin 12 henkilölle

Struka riverside villa in Pyhtää for 12-16. Struka villa has a pool table, a hot outdoor tub and gazebo with a gas operated grill. Rowing boat available.

Kivikosken vuokramökki Pyhtäällä enintään 8 henkilölle. Mökki sijaitsee joen äärellä ja on vuokrattavissa ympäri vuoden

Kivikoski riverside cottage in Pyhtää for 8. A cottage next to Struka villa. A glass panoramic sauna, a semi-open barbecue hut and a campfire place. Also a wood heated hot outdoor tub.

Kotka, Rantakarin merenrantamökki 7 henkilölle

Rantakari seaside cottage in Kotka for 7. The cottage has a wood-heated sauna and a wonderful sea terrace. Own private dock and rowing boat available.

Five well equipped holiday homes in Southern Finland

Suomen Kotteria offers high-quality rental cottages, villas and holiday homes for rent in Southern Finland in Kotka and Pyhtää. The cottages are all located on the waterfront, just about an hour’s drive from the hustle and bustle of the Helsinki metropolitan area. The rental cottages are suitable as a holiday destination for families and groups and for as meetings. The rental cottages have good facilities for 5-12 people, depending on the cottage. The cottages in Struka and Kivikoski are located about 50 meters apart and can also be booked together. In this case, the rental cottages can accommodate a total of up to 20 people.

Waterfront holidays in Southern Finland

Seashore, sauna and a wooden cottage, that is something we offer to our customers visiting Kymenlaakso. Suomen Kotteria rents high-quality villas and cottages in Kymenlaakso Kotka and Pyhtää, only about an hour’s drive from Helsinki. Rental villas and cottages are located in the Southern Finland and they are suitable retreat places for families and friends. The cottages offer accommodation for 5-15 people, depending on the cottage. Struka villa and Kivikoski cottage are located about 50 meters from each other and can they be booked together. In this case they can accommodate up to 20 people.

Sauna, fireplace and rowing boats

All Kotteria villas and cottages have high standard facilities. All of the rental villas and cottages have a wood-burning fireplace, a sauna, barbecue grills, and a rowing boat available. At Struka and Kivikoski cottages we also have a wood-heated hot outdoor tub available for rent.

Check-in and keys to the cottages

The check in is in the afternoon, normally at 16:00. The check out is at noon at 12:00. If you want to arrive at a destination earlier than usual, or leave it later than normal, this may be possible with a special permit. Unfortunately, however, such requests are often impossible in the high season when the cottages and villas are constantly busy and the cleaning has to be done between reservations. If you have special requests, please contact our customer service.

You can get the keys from the key box with a pin-code. The key code and detailed instructions on key delivery will be sent after booking by e-mail as a separate booking confirmation.

Cottages for year-round holidays

At our rental cottages you can spend holidays throughout the whole year, even in winter. Skiing, ice-fishing and many winter activities in Kymenlaakso are easily accessible from the rental cottages. In the autumn, you may want to collect mushrooms and berries to bring back home. Enjoy sauna and dip yourself into the cool sea and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace! In the summer and on sunny autumn days it is nice to go rowing and enjoy evenings by a fire.

Final cleaning and bed linen are extra services

The rental rates for villas and cottages do not include additional services such as final cleaning, bed linen and towels and hot tub rentals. Please note that all linen at the cottages are generally single bed sheets. If wanted  you can bring your own linen and towels to the cottage.

If you want to do the final cleaning yourself, please follow the given instructions carefully and clean the cottage according to instructions. Please be prepared to spend a few hours for the cleaning; larger villas generally take about 3 hours to clean and for smaller cottages about 2 hours is usually enough. Before starting your holiday, be sure to read the cleaning instructions carefully so you know what level of cleaning we require. Cleaning equipment and detergents can be found in rental properties.

Have a look at additional services well in advance before your stay. To ensure availability, we hope that you will order the additional services in advance. For example, arranging a cleaning service at a short time may sometimes be challenging.

Pets are welcome to our cottages

You can bring your pet to our cottages, if your pet is well behaved and fully house-trained. There is an extra charge of 10 euros per pet per day for bringing your pet.

Please mention any pets in your party at the time of your booking. If you will bring a pet with you, it is important that you ensure that the pet does not cause any damage in the cottage and that all pet waste is adequately removed from the cottage grounds.

Cottages and villas are located by the pure Finnish nature

All the Kotteria villas and cottages are located by the nature. Forests and nature is close and you are free to pick berries and mushrooms and to wander in the nature. In Finland, everyone has the right to freely roam the forests, countryside, lakes and rivers by foot, skis, boat or bicycle. Everyone can also pick as many wild berries and mushrooms as they like. This concept is called ‘Everyman’s Rights’.

At our cottages, you can also to try your luck with fishing. If you are between 18 and 64 years old and plan to fish in Finland with anything other than a hook and line, you must pay the national fisheries management fee. Information about the fishing management fee in English can be found at, where you can also pay for the fee.

If you travel by car, we recommend you to visit some of the Kymenlaakso nature pars and nature sites in the area.

Valkmusa National Park is located approximately 12 kilometres from National Road 7 (E18) on main road 3562 north from Siltakylä. The marsh environment of the national park is exceptionally representative in terms of Southern Finland.

Imperial Fishing lodge in Kotka is located By the River Kymijoki, at Langinkoski near Kotka. This fishing lodge is the only building owned by the Russian Czar that has been preserved outside the Russian borders. At Langinkoski you can nowadays visit the museum, go fly-fishing and enjoy the magnificent nature in peace.

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