Rental warehouses in capital region

Suomen Kotteria Oy offers industrial areas, spaces and warehouses for business and for pleasure for rent in Vantaa and in Espoo. We have different facilities for bands and musicians, craftsmen, construction companies and for carpenters. The office buildings, containers and office blocks in the industrial area are well suited for small businesses and for private individuals for many purposes. What would you like to do in our premises? For more information about the Helsinki metropolitan industrial areas and about regional services in the attached links.

Suomen Kotteria Oy is a family business whose main business is renting warehouses and workshops for small companies, individuals and for industrial customers. Operations in the Vantaa storage area began in the 1980s, when a coal storage facility was established in Hakkila. Since then we have focused on space leasing, and today the coal business is very small. The rental business for the Juvanmalmi warehouse area was started in 2017.

Vantaalla ja Espoossa erikokoisia bänditiloja ja varastotilaa tarjolla

Rental warehouses in Hakkila, Vantaa. Storage space, workshops and rental room for bands. There is also yard space for short-term container loading. Sauna and showers in the area.

Espoon juvanmalmilla kontteja ja parakkeja vuokrattavana

Rental warehouses in Juvanmalmi, Espoo. Rental space, storage space, workspaces and band cabin available. Some of the premises have their own water and sewer.

Treenitilaa ja bändikämppiä vuokrattavana

Rental rooms for bands and for individual musicians. Practice rooms and facilities in Vantaa and Espoo are available for any music enthusiasts 24/7

Warehouses, storages and workshops in Vantaa and in Espoo

We rent workshops, storage rooms and hobby premises for construction companies, bands, craftsmen and for individuals in our industrial areas in Hakkila, Vantaa and in Juvanmalmi, Espoo. The rental premises, containers and office barracks are located in the industrial area and they are well suited for small businesses and for many purposes. Does your company’s sales force need local storage space or a workroom and space to store work machines?

Rental premises with own entrance

All our rented premises have a private entrance directly from outdoor. In front of the street-level premises, you can park your car right in front of the door for loading. If the space is located in Hakkila at street level, loading of larger goods can also be done with the help of a front loader.

Hakkila and Juvanmalmi also offer rental and storage spaces on the second floor. There are occasional promotional offers for the second floor facilities. Check offers and current rental rates in our price list.

Rental premises available for use 24/7

Each customer is offered their own lockable space with its own entrance directly from the yard. The facilities can be used according to the needs also at night, movement in the area is not restricted in any way. Especially on weekends, there is a lot of traffic in the area when the bands gather in their own premises to play. So remember to pay attention to other people in the area and always park your car so that the passageways remain free

The customer insures own goods

Suomen Kotteria Oy’s containers, barracks and office building premises are insured with property insurances. However, this insurance does not cover customers’ machinery, equipment and goods, and each tenant must take care of insuring their property themselves by contacting their own insurance company. When preserving the home’s furniture, it is a good idea to make sure that the tenant has a valid home insurance that sometimes also covers the insurance of the property stored on Kotteria’s premises.

Parking in the area

Long-term storage of vehicles, goods or other objects outdoors or outside the rented premises is prohibited. The front area of your own rented container or barracks can be used for short-term parking. However, do not park in front of doors in other spaces.

If necessary, a long-term storage space can also be rented for a car from Vantaa Hakkila. In this case, contact our customer service. Vehicles parked on the site without permission will be towed away by the owner of the site.

Waste management

The rubbish bins in the area are available to the tenants at an additional cost. This only applies to daily waste (mixed or energy waste) generated in your own rental space. Leaving rubbish in driveways or next to containers is prohibited. Leaving and handeling hazardous waste and construction and demolition waste in the area is prohibited.