Rental terms for warehouse-customers

A written lease-agreement is needed with each warehouse customer. Lease agreement specifies the tenant and the landlord, the rental space, the rental price and guarantees and the tenant’s responsibility. Attached to the lease agreement there are also the general conditions outlining the more general terms of rental relationship.


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Villanella 5, 00890 Helsinki
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Name, social security number, address and e-mail address

Rental space / property

  • Vantaa Hakkila: Hakintie 14, 01380 Vantaa
  • Espoo Juvanmalmi: Pieni Teollisuuskatu 1, 02920 Espoo

Rent and quarantees

  • Rental period is to be defined. If the landlord’s own lease agreement for some reason is terminated, the landlord is not liable for the premature lease termination.
  • Rental price per month is to be defined. Rent does not include heating, electricity, water and waste charges a fee.
  • Short rentals are to be paid in advance, in cash. Longer than one month`s rents are to be paid monthly, according to the invoice due date. Late payment interest is invoiced as defined in the law
  • In order to fulfill the obligations of the contract the tenant must pay the security deposit in cash for two months. Suomen Kotteria will not pay intrest for the guarantees. The landlord returns the security deposit at the end of the contract immediately after the final inspection for the rented space is completed successfully, and any other obligations of the tenant carried out.
  • Rent is tied to non-subsidized Espoo/Vantaa housing rentals index, published in the latest quarter of the year (2010 = 100). Rent is adjusted annually, the first adjustment date being 01/09. In the future adjustments the index used will be the latest published quarterly index.

The tenat`s responsibility

  • The tenant is responsible for the necessary maintenance of the fairways and for keeping the leased area tidyThe tenant is not allowed to leave any items outside the rental area. After the rental period is terminated, the tenant is responsible for taking all belongings and all garbage from the leased area.
  • All the rental spaces are leased in the condition as they are at the moment. All the changes to the rental spaces must be obtained from the landlord in written form.
  • The tenant is responsible for the electricity costs as follows: The tenant will pay the use of electricity, electricity transmission and related taxes according to consumption. All rooms have an electricity meter. The price of electricity is the price of Espoo/Vantaa Energy’s general electricity cost + 25%.
  • The tenant is responsible for maintaining the fire extinguishers in the rental room at own expense. Please follow the state regulatory requirements.

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