Struka riverside sauna

Struka villa rantasauna. Joen äärellä sijaitseva puulämmitteiseen saunaan mahtuu jopa 10.


Struka wood-heated riverside sauna

At Struka villa there is a riverside sauna for about 10 people. The sauna is wood-heated and is suitable for use throughout the year. The riverside sauna it is offered to the tenants as needed, at an additional cost of EUR 45 per day.

AT Struka villa there is also a smaller wood-heated sauna in the main building. This small cottage sauna is included in the rent.

There is no running water in the sauna. Please bring clean water from the cottage shower room to the riverside sauna. Do not use riverwater in the sauna, the riverwater smells on the hot stove and rusts the stove.

Instructions for using the Struka riverside sauna

There is a light chimney in the sauna stove and there is no separate smoke damper.

Before setting the fire in the stove furnace, please check that the furnace is clean and that the ash compartment has been emptied. Ashes and carbon can sometimes accumulate in places where the air should flow. This prevents effective combustion. When the furnace has been cleaned, use small trees and sticks to ignite the fire. Do not use liquids or oils to set the fire.

When the fire is set, you can also add bigger firewood. During the burning, the combustion air can be reduced by pushing the ash compartment closer. Before adding more wood, it is advisable to improve the embers, ie to disperse larger coals and stack them evenly over the grate before laying the next layer of firewood.

When bathing is finished, you should add a couple of firewood into the stove to ensure that the sauna drie. After use, drain the ashes into the ash container and sweep the floor. Bring new firewood to the sauna for the following guests. Wipe the sauna benches with a damp cloth.

Struka villa, Savantum Oy. Strukantie 24, 49270 Pyhtää