Instructiuons to Struka guests

Struka villa in Pyhtää for 12-16 people. Beautiful garden, hot ourdoor tub, fireplace on two piers by the river



Struka villa is best for 10-12 people and the basic rental price includes accommodation for up to 12 people. However, Struka villa in total 16 beds and in addition to this we also have some spare mattresses on the loft. If needed, accommodation is possible with bigger groups too. When the number of guests exceeds 12 people, an additional 25 euros will be charged per extra person per day.

More pictures and a full description of Struka villa from this link

Accommodation in 130 m2 villa

  • A warm cottage for all-year use 130 m2
  • 3 x bedrooms + a sleeping alcove above sauna
  • A mezzanine with 6 beds and a pool-table
  • A living-room with a fireplace
  • Pillows and duvets in beds
  • Bed linen and towels 15 €/person
  • Cottage-sauna and a separate riverside sauna for rent
  • 2 x toilet
  • A hot outdoor Tub for rent

Kitchen facilities

  • Cutlery and dishes x 16
  • Wine glasses
  • Owen and microwave oven
  • A full size fridge-freezer
  • Coffee maker and a kettle
  • Toaster

Hot tub available at 80 €/day

At Struka villa there is a Wood-heated Hot Outdoor tub for 6-8 people that is rented on request to Struka villa customers. More information about the hot tub here

Riverside sauna available at 45 €/day

Struka villa has a wood-heated cottage sauna and a separate log-wood sauna at the river bank. The cottage sauna is included in the rental price. Riverside sauna can be rented separately for 45 euros per day. Learn more about using the riverside sauna here

Final cleaning 160-220 € and Bed linen and towels at 20 € per person

Final cleaning and bed linen and towels are not automatically included in the rental price of the Struka villa. The customer can clean themselves or order final cleaning from us. For final cleaning there are two different cleaning services to choose from; basic cleaning and full cleaning. Bed linen and towels can also be booked from us. Linen set rental is 20e / person. Learn more about cleaning services and linen here

Struka villa address is Strukantie 24, Pyhtää

Struka rental cottage is located in Pyhtää at Strukantie 24, 49270 PYHTÄÄ. Drive the E18/E7 highway from Helsinki towards Kotka (or from Hamina towards Helsinki). Exit the motorway at junction 70 (Pyhtää KK) and drive up the ramp to the roundabout. Turn south, the opposite direction from Pyhtää KK. (If coming from Helsinki-direction, turn right. If coming from Kotka-direction, turn left). Drive to the gravel-road number 3503 and continue 580 meters. Turn right and continue the Strukantie dirt road for about 700 meters. When you see the reddish-brown mailbox on your left-hand side, turn left to the partly paved cottage road. The dark-brown log-wood cabin about 50 meters away. Link to driving instructions here

The nearest bus from Helsinki or from Kotka stops at Pyhtää church (Pyhtää kk). The distance from Pyhtää church to Struka villa along Annulantie is about 1 km. If you come by bus Pyhtää, you can also ask for a taxi to the cottage from Kymenlaakso taxi companies. The telephone number is 0100 87 227.

Passenger registration forms

All tenants must fill in a passenger registration form. You can find instructions and passenger registration forms from the cottage living room, usually from the drawer below television. When you leave, please leave passenger registration forms on the dining table. If you want, you can also print the registration form from this link (Matkustajailmoitus ) and send it scanned to us at

WiFi and electricity

  • There is a wireless internet at the cottage. Wi-Fi networks are called SavantumFree ja savantum_free. Password is savantum.
  • You can monitor the electricity distribution situation on KSOY Häiriönetti/Faultnet, which operates in real time.  In the Online service, you also see in detail the fault information affecting your own electricity metering point. You can report power cuts to KSOY energy at +3585 7780 222

Heating control and air-conditioning

  • In order to save energy while the villa has no quests, we drop the room temperatures to 10 degrees. There is a heating control switch in the entrance hall above the light switch. This switch adjusts the room temperature and also the boiler heating, so please switch on to “at home” position (kotona) upon arrival in order to heat the cottage. Please switch to “not home” (poissa) position when you leave.
  • At the cottage we also have a air source heat pump in the living-room. When arriving to the villa during a cool season please turn on the device and adjust the room temperature to +21 degrees. The air source heat pump heats when a sun-symbol is selected from the remote control MODE functions. When leaving the cottage (in wintertime) please adjust the air conditioned back to +16 degrees.
  • You can use the air-conditioner in the summertime to cool down the room temperature if needed. But please never cool the room temperature with the air conditioning device when you have fire in the fireplace. Good cooling temerature is +25 degrees. Then the air does not feel too cold and you do not need to adjust the temperature all the time.
  • In the toilet that is located by the entrance hall by the bedroom there is an exhaust fan with a motion detector. The fan will turn on automatically when someone enters the toilet and the fan will be turned off automatically after some time.

Washing machines, water and wastewater

  • The kitchen has a dishwasher. Before using the machine please open the washing machine tap, so that the machine gets water in. The dishwasher water supply is opened at the bottom of the kitchen tap. Please close the tap after use.
  • All toilet waters are ripped and pumped to a communal waste water system with an electrical pump. Please note that it is not allowed to throw anything else to the toilet bin than human waste. Plastic and for example sanitary napkins will break the waste pump system.
  • In emergencies, water supply can be closed down from the tap located below the washing machine in the shower room. Use this switch to switch off the water.
  • There is a washing machine in the shower room. Before using the machine, please open the washing-machine tap that is located above the machine. Please close the tap after use.

Fire safety and smoking

  • Smoking inside the cottage is strictly prohibited. Please place fag-ends in ashtrays and finally into the trash-bin.
  • Firewood is available in the warehouse behind garage. For making the fire you can use newspaper and small sticks. The use of flammable liquids to light fireplaces is strictly prohibited.
  • There are at least two smoke detectors in the cottage. If the smoke detector battery runs out, the detector will keep beep-sound at short intervals. In this case please replace the battery. Spare batteries can be found in vestibule cupboard. If you can not find a new battery, please leave the smoke detector on the table.
  • The cottage has at least one fire extinguisher. There is also a fire extinguishing blanket in the kitchen. Please check the location of fire-fighting equipment immediately upon arrival at the cottage
  • The living room fireplace damper is next to the fireplace, close to the floor. In sauna the damper is above the stove. Please pull the dampers open before setting the fire to the fireplace. In order to improve the burning process and to allow enough air in, please remember to empty the ashes from the stove and from the fireplace.
  • Do not close the fireplace flue damper too soon after using the fireplaces in order to avoid carbon monoxide hazard. When the embers begin to wane and blue flames can no longer be seen, you can close the damper a little. Only after the embers have completely burned out, the damper can be closed completely.
  • After using the fireplaces in sauna and in the living room please empty the ashes into the black aluminium bucket which is by warehouse door. If this bucket is full, please empty it into the forest behind the garage. Please also carry firewood to sauna and to the front of the fireplace after use.

Gas grill and barbecue hut

There is a gas grill on the terrace of the cottage. The use of the gas grill is always the customer’s responsibility. The condition of the grill must be checked before use. Never leave the grill unattended while using the grill.

Before using the grill, make sure that the gas hose is attached to the gas cylinder. If the gas bottle is not detached, place the pressure regulator (“painesäädin” pictured above) on top of the gas bottle and lift black plastic collar with your fingers while pressing it on top of the bottle, then press the collar down with your fingers. Make sure that the bottle is properly closed by lifting the bottle from the pressure regulator (when well attached, the bottle rises with it and does not come loose). Once the pressure regulator is attached, open the gas inlet valve from the pressure regulator. There are also videos and photo instructions online if you don’t succeed right away.

Once the gas bottle is attached, open the grill lid and turn the first switch of the grill to full power (left) and wait a couple of seconds for the gas to accumulate into the ignition chamber. Then press the ignition button by pressing the switch lightly down and turning it to the left. If the lighter does not work, lift up one of the grill grids and throw a burning match on the right front edge of the grill.

There is a spare gas bottle in the shed or in the garage. Please let us know if you use a spare gas bottle so that we can bring a new bottle to the cottage at the next inspection.

On the yard there is a gazebo with a gas grill. Always use the gas grill steel plate in order to prevent the grease from draining into the grill. In the barbecue hut there is also an infrared heater for the cool autumn evenings. If you use that, remember to unplug it after use.

Remember to empty the ashes from the campfires into the ash bucket after use.

Waste management

For Kivikoski cottage and for Struka villa there is a common waste container. The waste container is located by the Strukantie, only 15 meters from the house to the left. Please pack your waste tightly, the waste container will be emptied once a week. Also please close the container lid carefully to avoid animals from getting into the container.

If possible, recycle your paper, glass, metal and cardboard packages to save the nature. The closest recycling station for paper, cardboard, glass and metal packages is found at the Pyhtää ABC parking lot behind the ABC building. There is another recycling station in the Prisma parking lot in Kotka. The address is Hakamäentie 1. The recycling station is only 19 kilometers from the cottage, only about 15 minutes by the car.

Audio and video

  • At Struka villa we have a stereo TV with HDMI and Scart connection.
  • At the villa we also have a dvd palyer and a radio.

Detergents, paper and accessories

  • Dishwasher detergent and hand dish-washing detergent can be found in the kitchen and in the vestibule cupboard.
  • Liquid soap for washing hands can be found in the toilet
  • Laundry detergent, shower soap and shampoo might be available. Other customers often leave detergents, but unfortunately we can not guarantee the availability.
  • In the vestibule closet we have spare light bulbs, clothes pegs and a mousetrap.
  • Toilet paper and kitchen towels can be found in the toilet and in the kitchen and sometimes also on the loft shelf. If you come with a larger group for a longer period of time, please take some extra papers with you in case there is not enough paper in the cottage.

Electrical mouse repellent

  • At Struka villa we have ultrasound mouse repellent devices attached in the power sockets from autumn to spring . Man does not hear them, but dogs or cats may be disturbed by them. If you remove the device from use during your stay, please connect devices before you leave.
  • In the vestibule closet or in the warehouse we also have some mouse traps available

A baby cot

The cottage has a children’s travel cot on the loft above the sauna. To put the travel cot to sleeping position, press the long sides down first, then the short ends and then the bottom. When stacking the bed in the storage position, the order is reversed.

To be done before check out

  • Follow the cleaning instructions and clean the cottage. If you ordered one of our cleaning services from us (basic cleaning or full cleaning), make sure that you have organized the cottage according to the instructions. More info about cleaning at the attached cleaning services link.
  • Take the garbage to the garbage bin by the Strukantie.
  • Wash the gas grill and clean the barbecue areas. Empty the ashes from campfire sites to the ash bucket
  • Tidy the yard
  • Check the boat mooring (summertime).
  • Turn off the lights, close the windows, lock the doors and leave the keys in their original locations.
  • Turn the temperature switch in the entrance hall to “not home” position (poissa)

Customer service

We want to keep the cottage clean and in impeccable condition. If you notice any defects or you have suggestions for improvement, please contact us. You can call or email us at

+358400534269 Minna Kotiaho, +358415345100 Pentti Kotiaho,

Struka villa, Savantum Oy. Strukantie 30, 49270 Pyhtää