Kivikoski Hot Tub

At Kivikoski cottage we have a wood-heated hot outdoor tub available for rent. The hot tub can be used all year around.

Hot tub available at 80 euros / day

At Kivikoski cottage there is a Wood-heated Hot Outdoor tub for 6-8 people that is rented on request to Kivikoski cottage customers. The rental price for one day use is € 80. For longer use, ask for an offer

Filling up the Tub, heating, emptying and cleaning the Tub after use is on the responsibility of the tenant. If you want to order the Hot Tub filled, heated and washed, the service is offered at additional price of EUR 120.

Below instructions and information about heating and using the Hot Tub. Please read the instructions carefully. The villa tenant is responsible for all damages caused to the Hot Tub or to the Stove for their full value. The tenant must immediately notify Suomen Kotteria of all faults or damages noticed in the Hot Tub or in the stove already during the stay.

Filling up the Hot Tub

Before setting fire to the Hot Tub Stove, always fill up the Tub first. Please use a bottom plug to prevent the water from running out of the Tub. The drain plug is usually hanging on the sauna wall on a hook. Be sure to also insert the plug into the hot tub stove drain on the right side of the ash compartment (picture below)

The Kivikoski Hot Tub can be filled by hose from a tap located on the wall of the villa. While filling up the Tub with a hose, please ensure that the hose stays in the Tub. It will take about 20-30 minutes to fill up the Tub.

Before heating up the Hot Tub it must always be filled with water, so that the stove does not melt or burn through. Please note that the water level in the hot tub must reach at least 5 cm above the upper stove-hole before setting fire to the stove. Never empty the Tub before the fire is completely extinguished or while the stove is still hot.  After the stove has got cold, empty the Tub to prevent from freezing.

Setting fire to the stove

Once the Tub has been filled with water, you can set fire to the stove. For making the fire it is best to use small and dry firewood and then add bigger chopped wood approximately every 10-15 minutes. The fire should burn constantly during the heating process, so that the wood is burning properly and that the pool is heated at maximum efficiency. Please note that a dying fire during the heating process stretches the heating time considerably . Heating up the Tub takes about 2-3 hours depending on the water and air temperatures. When the air is cold, place the canvas on the Tub to prevent the heated water from vaporizing. Mix the Tub water during the heating process so that the water temperature can be measured and it is easier to estimate when the water is warm enough for bathing.

It is recommended to use only small chopped dry firewood for heating the Tub. Using of big and moist firewood can easily double the heating time, and they also smoke a lot. Empty ashes from the stove after each use.

Empty and clean the Tub after use

Empty the tub by removing the bottom-plug. Please note that during the winter the Tub discharge pipe freezes easily. In this case empty the pool with a submersible pump that is located in the main building sauna, under the sauna bench. When the tub is empty, please also open the water drain plug of the stove. This plug is located on the right of the ash compartment of the stove.

Never leave water in the Tub when you leave the cottage unless otherwise separately agreed when booking the Tub.

Take care of cleanliness and hygiene by washing the Tub and by drying it thoroughly. After use you should also flush the pipes that enter the stove from the Tub. For washing the tub use the tall oil soap and cloth that can be found in the main building sauna.


  • Take care of the safety of children in the pool and its vicinity. Children must not be left unattended in the pool. When the pool is not in use, it must be covered with a tarpaulin.
  • Do not dive.
  • In the wintertime water freezes into ice and the terraces around the Tub will be extremely slippery. Be careful when moving around the Tub during wintertime.
  • Do not heat the bath water too hot. The maximum recommended water temperature is 37 ° C. People with heart problems are advised to leave the bath water temperature below 37 ° C.
  • If you feel sick or you’re tired, avoid using the pool. Long bathing can also cause dehydration and bathing in too warm water can in worst case lead to heat stroke.

Kivikoski cottage, Savantum Oy. Strukantie 30, 49270 Pyhtää, Finland