A Seaside villa in Pyhtää for 10-12 people

Villa Skitunäs is a fantastic holiday destination for you and for your family and friends or for business meetings and for recreational purposes in Pyhtää, only about an hour’s drive from Helsinki. Skitunäs seaside cottage is located on the sea front in a beautiful wooded grassy plot. The villa is equipped with all amenities and the villa is suitable for use year-round holidays. The rental cottage is surrounded by extensive terraces and there is a boat dock, stony beach and barbecue hut.

Near the Skitunäs villa there are a lot of activities, sightseeing possibilities and excellent outdoor and boating opportunities. 

Skitunäs villa has accommodation for 10-12 people

The Skitunäs seaside villa has a large lounge with a fireplace, kitchen, dining room, four bedrooms, sauna, shower, a dressing room and two toilets. A large mezzanine with sleeping facilities and a pool table. Two verandas opening onto the sea. The living area has a direct view of the sea.

Skitunäs villa is best for 10-12 people, but we have some spare mattresses on the loft. Blankets and pillows for 15 people. Possibility to rent bed linen and towels.

  • Downstaitrs 3 twin bedrooms with two beds. All beds can be located side by side, next to each other.
  • 1 small bedroom above sauna that has a 120 cm wide bed. This room is accessible from the sauna terrace by a ladder.
  • On the loft there are 5 x 80 cm beds and a pool-table

A well-equipped kitchen and a separate dining area

Skitunäs villa has a well-equipped kitchen with a set of dishes and cutlery for at least 14 people. The kitchen has a stove, dish-washing machine and a washing machine, fridge, freezer, microwave, coffee maker and electric kettle. The separate dining area has a large dining table for 10-12 people.

Two saunas, a washing room with a toilet and a separate toilet

The rental cottage has a small, cozy sauna. The sauna bench is about 1.8 meters long, so it is suitable for 3-4 people. The sauna has a wood-burning stove, washroom with shower and a toilet. The cottage also has a separate toilet in the entrance hall, by the bedrooms.

In addition to the cottage sauna, Skitunäs has a separate wood-heated sauna by the sea. The seashore sauna is suitable for around 10 people and is located right by the sea. Pictures of the sauna and information from attached sauna sauna link. The seaside sauna is available for rent at an extra cost of EUR 35 per day.

Grassy yard and a beach with a pier

Skitunäs villa is located right on the seafront. The cottage yard is grassy, ​​fairly natural seafront courtyard which opens to the west. The villa has a large veranda with outdoor dining to about 8-10 people. The sauna terrace has a separate seating area for four and next to the main entrance there is a gas grill and possibility for outdoor dining. Right by the sea there is also a seaside terrace and a nice campfire area for bigger groups. More chairs can be found in the warehouse. The yard also has a log-wood barbecue hut. In the hut there are benches and space for 8-10 people.

From the sauna premises there are gentle stairs to the beach and to the pier. The pier is built high on the stones due to sea level height variations. In the end of the pier there is bathing ladder. Water depth at the end of the pier is about 1 meter, so do not jump from the pier into the water. The beach is shallow and deepens gradually, so it is also suitable for use by children. On the left side of the pier there is a sandy beach with some fist-sized stones. In the end of the pier the ocean bottom is a natural sandy, fairly hard bottom.

Skitunäs rental villa offers also opportunities for boating and fishing. Rowing boat is included in the rent at no additional charge.

Skitunäs villa base plan

Skitunäs base plan

Skitunäs villa videos

Below you can find two Villa Skitunäs videos. Under the skitunäs presentation video there is Patrik Blomberg’s video “Sun Pitäis Rakastua muhun“. This great song contest winner video was shot at the Skitunäs seaside cottage in Pyhtää in November 2018. Look and feel the atmosphere!

Suomen Kotteria Oy, Skitunäs villa, Skitunäsintie 272, 49270 Pyhtää