Rantakari driving instructions

Driving route from Helsinki to Rantakari cottage


Driving instructions to Rantakari cottage, Pyhtää

Rantakari seaside cottage is located in Kotka, Tiutinen, address Seurakuja 6, 48930 Kotka. Drive from Helsinki E18 / E7 towards Kotka. Exit the freeway 77 (Anjala / Halla / Sunila) and drive the ramp up to the junction. Turn left onto Huruksela Road / Tapiontie and continue towards the Halla Harbor. When Tapiontie ends, the road turns into Hallantie and turns slightly to the left. Continue on the Bridge over Tiutinen Island. When the Hallantie finishes, turn slightly to the left on the road Tiutisentie. Continue for about 400 meters and turn left onto the Seuratie. Drive about 100 meters ahead and continue until you reach the seaside. The Rantakari rental cottage is a red wooden building in the yard of the red houses, by a large pine tree.

The Rantakari yard is small and parking spaces are limited. In front of the Rantakari cottage there is one parking space for Rantakari tenants. The car park at the corner of the plot is primarily reserved for the tenants of the main building. If necessary, cars can also be parked temporarily by the Seuratie-road.

The nearest bus from Helsinki stops in Karhula. From Karhula there is another bus to Tiutinen. The distance from Karhula to Rantakari Cottage is about 7.5 km. If you arrive in Kotka Karhula by bus, you can ask for taxi at the Kymenlaakso Taxi if needed. The phone number is 0100 87227.

Rantakari cottage, Suomen Kotteria Oy. Seurakuja 6, 48930 Kotka. +358400534269 Minna Kotiaho, +358415345100 Pentti Kotiaho