Kivikoski riverside cottage in Pyhtää for 5-7 people

Kivikoski cottage is a picturesque grey-log-wood holiday home in Pyhtää, only about an hour’s drive from Helsinki. This beautiful holiday destination is designed for recreational purposes for families, for group of friends and for small business meetings. The cottage is equipped with all amenities and it is suitable for year-round holidays. Kivikoski holiday home is located right by the river and the cottage is surrounded by a beautiful garden and grassy grounds. In connection with the rental cottage there are extensive terraces, a swimming dock, small sandy bay for the little ones, semi-open grey-log-wood gazebo and a Hot Outdoor Tub that can be rented separately.

Near the Kivikoski rental cottage there are a lot of activities, sightseeing possibilities and excellent outdoor and boating opportunities. 

Holiday home offers accommodation for 5-7 people

Kivikoski holiday home consists of two separate cottages, each with a bedroom and a toilet. The cottages accommodate a total of 5-7 people in two bedrooms, on two small lofts and in a living room. The Kivikoski main building has a cozy lounge area, which has about 2.5 meter wide sofa and a dining table that can be extended up to 8 people. The main building also has a fireplace, a well equipped kitchen, a small bedroom, two small lofts, a wood-heated sauna, and a toilet. In the yard there is also a warm sleeping hut with a triple bedroom and a toilet.

Kivikoski cottages have beds for a total of 5 people. In addition to that, the main building has one 150 cm wide loft with mattresses for two and a 120 cm wide loft with a bed for one adult. Both lofts are only accessible by a ladder, so they are not suitable for the disabled. All beds have duvets and pillows. Bed linen and towels can be rented separately. Kivikoski holiday home is best suited for 6-7 people, but on the loft there are spare mattresses and, if necessary, the cabin can accommodate up to 8 people.

  • The main building has one bedroom with 2 x 80 cm twin beds (beds can not be placed together)
  • Above the main building bedroom, there is the 150 wide sleeping loft with 2 x 75 cm mattresses. Entrance to the loft is from the corridor.
  • In the main building living room there is a loft with 1 x 120 cm mattress
  • At the Kivikoski holiday home there is a separate sleeping hut with 3 x 80 cm twin beds (two single beds placed side by side). This sleeping hut can also be used all-year around.

Fully equipped kitchen and a dining area in the living-room

A well equipped kitchen with excellent food making facilities and a set of dishes and cutlery for about 10 people. In the kitchen there is a stove, a full-sized fridge freezer, a coffee maker, a toaster, a microwave, a dishwasher, and a washing machine. Washing up liquid are included in the rent. The dining area has a dining table for 6-8 people.

Large terraces and a Hot Outdoor Tub

The Kivikoski riverside-cottage has large terraces and a grassed courtyard. The cottage is facing south-west and the courtyard is nice and sunny, surrounded with low-growing pines and shrubs. On the terrace there are garden furniture, a barbecue and by the sauna there is also a Hot Outdoor Tub available for rent. By the high spruces there is also a grey-log-wood barbecue hut with a place for a campfire in front of the hut.

The holiday home has two saunas

The holiday home features two saunas; a wood-fired sauna in the main building and a separate panoramic sauna by the river. The riverside sauna is electrically heated and is made of glass. The riverside sauna can be used in summer and in cool autumn and spring days. For more information on the use of a riverside sauna from the attached link.

From the main building sauna there is a path to the beach with a pier. The pier has a bathing ladder. The river flow is weak, so swimming and bathing is comfortable. The river bottom in the end of the pier is muddy, but next to the pier there is a small sandy beach and the swimming area there has a sandy bottom.


Kivikoski holiday home offers opportunities for boating and for fishing. Rowing boat is included in the rent at no additional charge. The river flow is weak so rowing and canoeing on the river is also comfortable. By the river you can get the sea. The sea can be reached via a manually operated river-lock.

Kivikoski floor-plan

Kivikoski base plan

kivikoski youtube video