Fishing services in South Finland

Fishing services in Kymenlaakso


Spend your vacation fishing

At our rental villas and cottages in Pyhtää you can spend your vacation also fishing. Skitunäs seaside villa is located only just a few meters away from Baltic Sea is and the mixed Kymi River waters in the sea offer good catches and unforgettable fishing holidays.

Struka and Kivikoski rental cottages are located by the River Kymijoki and from the river you can get small fish with a fishing rod. You can also take your boat to the sea by the river through the unique Struka river-lock. A trip along the river to the sea is about 3 km.

Fishing permits and fees

Paying the fisheries management fee grants the right to fish with one rod in all of the water areas that were previously included in the now obsolete provincial fee system. Fishing in state-owned running waters and special fishing destinations requires the Metsähallitus angling permit. Trap fishing, fishing with more than one rod or crayfishing in state-owned waters also requires a separate permit issued by Metsähallitus.

General fishing rights are rights comparable to everyman’s fishing rights, but unlike everyman’s rights, the general fishing rights may or may not be subject to a fee. Hook and line fishing, ice fishing and fishing with a simple herring rig are free general fishing rights that do not require a permit or the payment of a fee. The right to recreational fishing within the Finnish economic region and in the Finnish public water areas in the Baltic Sea is a general fishing right that requires the payment of the national fisheries management fee if the angler is 18–64 years old. More information about fishing fees and online shop can be found at Metsähallitus Fishing info 

Fishing salmon in Kymijoki river

Big salmon and sea trout are running into the Kymijoki River in their thousands every year. When the salmon season begins, fishermen and -women from around Southern Finland gather in Siikakoski, Ruha and Korkeakoski to try their luck and test their skills at catching the king of fish. Whether you fish with a fly or a lure, Kymijoki is without a doubt the best salmon river in Southern Finland. More information about Kymijoki river fishing licences and options from Middle-Kymijoki fishing information.

Fishing Center Kotka offers unique and versatile fishing trips to Kymijoki. Kymijoki is home to a large number of fish and therefore offers challenges for fishermen of all levels from spring till the autumn. More information about services in Kymijoki River at this Fishing Center -link