Hot outdoor tub

At Kivikoski cottage there is a wood-heated hot tub for rent.


Renting a Hot Outdoor Tub

At Struka villa and at Kivikoski cottage there is a possibility of renting a Hot Outdoor Tub for 6-8 people. At Skitunäs seaside villa a Hot Outdoor Tub is unfortunately not available, because the cottage has a drilled well and there is not enough water to fill up the Tub.

The Struka Hot Tub is located next to the gazebo, right by the river. The Kivikoski Hot Tub is immersed in the terrace, next to the sauna. The Hot Tubs are wood-heated. The heating takes about 2-3 hours depending on the weather. Remember to fill the tub with water before lighting the fires to the Hot Tub stove so that the stove does not burn through. Please ensure that the fire does not go out so that the water heating is as efficient as possible.