Instructions to industrial tenants

In the industrial warehouse areas in Espoo and in Vantaa we have many entrepreneurs and individuals who have rented containers or office barracks for different purposes. Below some important information and instructions in order to keep the area clean and comfortable for everyone.

Storage of liquids or any hazardous goods or materials

It is not permitted to store or use environmentally hazardous or otherwise harmful goods or materials on the Kotteria rental sites. The customer needs to apply for permissions from Suomen Kotteria and from the authorities for storing any liquids or hazardous materials in Kotteria industrial areas. Suomen Kotteria has the right to make inspections to the rental premises if there is any doubt of storing forbidden materials in the rental premises.

Waste management

Waste management is not included in the rental prices and the tenant is responsible for taking care of the personal waste. If any belongings or waste is left to our premises without a separate agreement, we will charge the  cleaning work and waste disposal fee from the customer. If, however, the activities will create only a little waste, we sometimes offer waste management contracts to our customers. If you want to subscribe to Kotteria waste management service, please contact our customer service and make the waste management contract.

At Kotteria industrial areas we sort our waste and at the moment the scrap metal, brown cardboard, energy waste and mixed waste have their own containers. Please follow the instructions when using the waste containers. If you are not sure which item belongs to which waste container, then please ask our staff for help.


The tenant must send the electricity meter reading to Suomen Kotteria on a monthly basis. Based on the readings we will send out electricity bills to customers on a monthly basis. Because of the low consumption during the summer months, the readings does not need to be sent in June, July, and August. If you wish that we visit read the meter for you then please contact us. We charge a reading fee according to the time used for the operation. Below are alternative ways of reporting the readings:

1: Send us an e-mail reading and the meter number to our e-mail address ” lukema @ kotteria . com”. Please attach your name, the industrial area name and the tenant name in the message.

2: Take a picture from the meter reading and the meter number (sticker). Send the pictures to our e-mail address ” lukema @ kotteria . com”. Please attach your name, the industrial area name and the tenant name in the message.

3: Send a text-message to our customer service number +358400868889. Include the electrical meter reading, the meter number, the industrial area name and the tenant’s name into the message.

The rental terms and tenant resposibilities

For more information on the tenant’s responsibilities and obligations in more detail in the rental terms.

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